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NNN Discussion
« on: June 02, 2014, 01:14:56 pm »
Tell my your thoughts on NNN, so I can correct mine:

Avyvr (boiling) survives with adjutant (name is Marud?)

there are 3 interrogators (d.b. first, d.n. (has no lines, is an interrogator?), then d.vy.). interrogations are transcribed, then translated. if d.n. is simply transcribing/in command, why bring 2 translators? is d.b. fluent in languages d.vy. is not? is this why d.b. speaks with replacement captain, and d.vy. speaks with adjutant?

why was interrogation started initially? replacement captain and her subordinates arrive 2 days after captains dissappearance, which was one week after first death. that interrogators arrive after green company must mean automatic (if delayed) response (if manual response due to blue companys report, why would 3 reinforce together when initially, only warden packed-to-fit in corner would be reported (if units keep at 5), as who would otherwise request this: replacement captain only follows orders (does not care for why), Avyvyr is nonresponsive (could not voice why), adjutant is guilty (scared of why)?

On 32, umbrella is upturned. We see night become day (passage of time), then adjutant asleep with umbrella near. This is before going into phonebooth, before speaking with nonresponsive Avyvr. Assuming captains dissappearance that evening, umbrella on 32 is to signify adjutants guilt? In each scene with captain, always close, holding umbrella (providing service dilligently), even indoor scene is so (22). Night of dissappearance, we see umbrella in position of uselessness, meaning adjutant (through service she provides) is useless (or at least she thinks this)?

Some greater fan, with nnn experience, please explain nnn to me simply.
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