Author Topic: ITT: 1st world problems (need 6-7-inch monitor)  (Read 9097 times)


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Re: ITT: 1st world problems (need 6-7-inch monitor)
« Reply #30 on: February 25, 2013, 01:20:45 am »
The most important lesson I've taken away from school is that most people are mad scumbags and don't deserve my attention.

I'd just reduce it to "people are scum". On the bright side, you'll never be disappointed when they screw you over and it's a happy surprise when you meet someone actually decent. ;-)

More broadly, I think people are predominantly influenced by greed and fear; these guys didn't fear failure 'cause they knew someone would cover their work, and they apparently valued the free time they'd have by not doing any more than the respect they'd earn by working.

This is apparently a forum of misanthropes!

We had a group software engineering exercise in university; the twist being that at the end of the project, there were up to (number of people x 100%) marks awarded depending on how well the group did, and the group had to agree what proportion of those marks went to which members of the group - and this was a significant chunk of your score for the year. And still half the members in our group barely did any work.